Jun 292017

The temperature dropped overnight to around 6C and so we needed the heating on this morning. Murphy’s law came into play, even though there was quite a bit of gas in the bottle the heating would not fire so a good job we have¬† 2 bottles onboard.

After breakfast we decided to take a trip to Albarracin, we had last visited about 7 years ago. On the road from the campsite into Bronchales we stopped to take a couple of photos.

We followed the sat nav and took a camino rural to Albarracin, a little rough in places but still perfectly OK and only took 30 minutes to get there. Luckily there was a Cepsa petrol station in Albarracin and so I got a replacement gas bottle. We had a walk around the village with the cobbled and sandstone streets taking photos. We then returned to the road down the mountain and walked towards the tunnel to a restaurant we had been to in the past and had an excellent lunch.

We took the same route back to Bronchales and part way along the route Mike spotted some deer grazing in a field, we stopped so we could see them but unfortunately too far away to get a good photograph. Back to the campsite for a well deserved cup of tea and coffee.