Aug 092017

Well today we said goodbye to our Adria Adora 593UP caravan. We really enjoyed our time with it but came to realize that it was very large for some of the routes we had taken and also for some of the campsites that we had visited. The surging that you get when towing as you cross road expansion joints, rough roads etc was causing some issues for Ingrid and her back. So it was time to take it back to Caravanas Cruz in Elche and choose a motorhome.

Back at Caravanas Cruz

We have decided to replace it with a new Adria Sonic Plus 700SC with comfort pack that Caravanas Cruz had in stock. They did us an excellent deal, giving us the price we paid for the caravan minus the VAT, the price of the motorhome was already reduced. They have however, agreed to add for no additional charge:

  • air-conditioning
  • Radio, CD, Sat Nav, media centre, reversing camera
  • Solar panel charger
  • Awning
  • 24″ television and aerial
  • Safe doors
  • Additional mains and USB sockets internally and externally

We will take delivery in September this year.