Sep 172017

Well Friday the 15th finally arrived and this was the day to collect our new Adria Sonic+ 700SC from Caravanas Cruz in Elche. Unfortunately Ingrid wasn’t feeling very well and so a friend came with me to drive the car back. We left at 9am and arrived in Elche at 10.15am but as we were a bit early they weren’t quite ready for us. As a result we spent about half an hour browsing in the accessories shop and spending some money on accessories for the new motorhome. We then had a comprehensive run through of all the equipment on the motorhome. Unfortunately one additional mains socket and one additional usb socket had not been fitted in the places I wanted and so they offered to change move them when I bring it back for service, I think whilst not being the ideal locations I will leave them where they are.

We left at about 12.15pm to head home in brilliant sunshine. We followed the Elche ring road back to the A7 motorway and stopped at the service area near Alicante airport for a coffee and a snack.

Adria 700SC

Parked in the service area

Back onto the motorway and then onto the AP7 toll road heading north. Once we passed through the Altea tunnel it became cloudy but it was still warm enough to have the cab air conditioning on. We left the motorway as usual at Ondara and looking inland towards Orba it was very grey. As we approached Benedoleig it started spitting with rain and then by the time we passed Orba Garden Centre there was heavy rain. As a result I just parked the motorhome outside and jumped in the car to take Mike home. Later in the afternoon there was a brief respite in the rain and so I parked the Adria on my next door neighbours drive, luckily they are away on holiday for a month.

Parked on the drive

Over the weekend we have slowly but surely been loading our bits and pieces from the caravan on board. We have used this as an excuse to downsize exactly what we carry as some of the items we had on board had never been used. I now have a shopping list for tomorrow for a few minor bits and bobs and then we can go away later in the week to make sure everything works and we know how to work it.

Some interior photos