Oct 242017
Thursday 19th October

I was busy with a genealogy meeting in the afternoon so we could not set off as early as we would have liked. I got home just after 4pm and picked Ingrid up and we loaded the van and were on our way by 4.20pm. Rather than following either of the sat navs for the route to the campsite I decided to follow the Google Maps route that I printed out for my navigator to read to me. Several people in the online forums recommend Google Maps routes over sat nav’s to this was the reason for this decision. We drove to the AP7 at Ondara and joined the motorway and had an uneventful journey all the way down to Alicante, the route kept us on the AP7 past Alicante. This section of the motorway was subject to some gusty crosswinds which were noticeable in the motorhome. We left the AP7 where it joined the A7 south of Alicante, the road surface on this section of road was poor and necessitated a speed reduction. We continued past the AP7 near Crevillente as suggested by Google Maps and joined the CV904 south, this road ran parallel to the AP7 all the way to Catral where we turned off into the entrance to Marjal Camping followed by a Guardia Civil car, luckily I hadn’t done anything wrong so no issues with them. We checked in at reception at 5.50pm and initially they put us on pitch B079 which was a long way from Mike & Sue and Peter & Mary. We changed to B003 which was much closer to them. We set up the bare minimum and then decided to eat in the restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed and so we had to eat in the bar and had an indifferent meal.

Friday 20th October

We completed setting up the van, Ingrid and Sue went off for coffee in the bar after lunch we met up for a drink with some of the MCC as we will be joining them on a rally in November to see if we want to join the group. During the late afternoon and early evening the mainly Spanish owners of the permanent caravans started to arrive and the site became noticeably noisier and busier with this influx of people. We had a nice barbecue and then went and joined some of the MCC members for coffee on the terrace after their evening meal in the restaurant which was open as it was Friday evening.

Saturday 21st October

We were going to take a taxi into Catral and have lunch there but unfortunately Ingrid wasn’t feeling great and so we didn’t bother. We explored the supermarket and bought a few bits including a long TV lead as there was some UK channels available free of charge by plugging a lead into the connector on the pitch, they weren’t expensive and so I bought one. We then joined Mike and Peter & Mary for coffee on the terrace. We took a short walk around the terrace area and took some photos of the many carved wooden statues and water features around the site.

We decided that we would try the restaurant for dinner as we had not made it into Catral earlier, only to find that it was closed on a Saturday night for a private function. What the management were thinking of allowing that to happen I don’t know. So we had to settle for another meal from the bar which was even worse than on Thursday night.

Sunday 22nd October

We had a lazy morning and then went to the terrace bar for a coffee. We said goodbye to some of the MCC members who were heading home. We then explored the car boot sale in the car park, we didn’t buy anything as it was mainly pretty tatty. We needed a bit more water in the motorhome so as usual I used a hose and put the nozzle as usual in the filler tube. Unfortunately, the quick release hose nozzle became detached and went down the filler tube and blocked it. I then spent the next 45 minutes taking the cupboard underneath the bed apart to get at the filler tube and remove the hose from it. I was successful but found how well put together the Adria is, it all went back together without issue. After a late barbecue lunch we had a quiet afternoon reading. During the course of the afternoon the site started to quieten down as the weekend visitors started to head home and by about 7pm the site was almost dead. As dusk started to fall we went for a walk around the campsite to see what we had missed. The top half of the site had larger pitches and there were a lot of very large motorhomes in this area including this one drawn by an artic drawing unit

This maybe one for George and Maria in the UK. We found the second swimming pool at the far side of the site which was closed but looked like it was a tropical beach with tiki huts and palm trees. We went back to the van and settled for the evening and watched TV and read.

Monday 23rd October

Whilst packing up on Monday morning I heard an unusual noise and looked up and saw this, they had just taken off from the campsite car park.

As there was virtually no wind they drifted around the locality for some time. We set off home at about 11.15am after a coffee in the campsite terrace bar. We headed up the CV904 again rather than the motorway and then onto the A7 for a short distance and then turned off onto the N340 to head for Caravanas Cruz. We found that they had a 10% sale on and we got them to exchange the broken awning strap as we had only used them twice before one broke. I also bought a water cap adapter to allow me to connect the hose permanently to the van when on site so that I have no more problems with the nozzle going down the filler tube. We left Cruz and rejoined the A7 and then onto the AP7 to Ondara and then home in time for late lunch.

A nice few days away but the campsite was large (over 1200 pitches) and impersonal with poor food in the bar and a closed restaurant on a Saturday night so it is one we are unlikely to visit again.

Oct 052017

After having the teething problems with the Adria Sonic corrected by Caravanas Cruz we decided to have a few days away to ensure that there were no additional problems with the motorhome. As a result we arranged to go back to Bonterra Park in Benicassim with Mike and Sue and to meet Peter and Mary there. Mike & Sue had to pop into Gandia first so we arranged to meet them at the service area on the A7 / E15 just south of Valencia for coffee at 11am.  We left home just before 10am and refuelled at the Ondara Shopping Centre and then joined the motorway and headed north. After an uneventful journey we arrived at the service area at 11 and Mike & Sue had just beaten us there by a few minutes.


At the service area

After coffee we continued on the A7 and skirted arounf Valencia which was busy with lots of lorries and carried on north passing Sagunto and Castellon on the AP7 and then turned off onto the N340 to Benicassim and once in the town we pulled into the Lidl supermarket to top off with supplies before continuing to Bonterra Park. We checked in and found that the campsite was very busy with very few pitches available. We did, however, find two adjacent pitches on the ‘green area’ 3 pitches away from Peter & Mary and so we chose those, unfortunately there was no water or grey waste disposal on these pitches. We settled down and set the vans up with awnings adjoining.

On the first night we had a meal in the onsite restaurant but it wasn’t very good, nowhere near as good as when we were here earlier in the year. Maybe it was just an ‘off day’ or due to the site being virtually full. Over the next 3 days we did the usual shopping locally, had a couple of BBQ’s and ate at a restaurant in town. We walked along the beach which was much more pleasant than last time as the sun was out and it was warm.

Whilst walking round the site we spotted this home conversion, a little unusual to say the least a caravan permanently mounted on the back of a recovery lorry.

Unusual conversion

Unusual conversion

I had my first ever game of petanque with Mike on the new courts using a set of balls loaned by Peter. Needless to say Mike beat me on both games but I gave him a run for his money in the second game. Unfortunately Mary wasn’t feeling very well and so they left for home on Monday morning. Within an hour of them leaving there was someone else on their pitch. One of the jobs I did whilst we were here was to try the wind blocker that we kept from the caravan. It will need to be modified as the motorhome is much taller than the caravan so I will be seeking someone who can modify them for me.

Mike & Sue left about 10am on Tuesday morning and headed home. We took our time packing up and left at 11am and headed home. We arrived just after 1pm after a painless journey with just the usual lots of lorries around Valencia.


The boss sitting in her seat ready to leave.