May 092018

After rain overnight, we woke up to grey skies with occasional light rain. As a result, we decided not to go into Cordoba but to walk to the local shopping centre only 10 minutes away. There the girls did some shopping and we picked up a few bits of food from Carrefour. By the time we left the occasional light rain had stopped and we walked back to the campsite for lunch.

After lunch we took a taxi in to the old town. We walked around the area looking at the shops and various sites and took some more photos. We stopped in a bar for a cold drink which had loads of bull fighting memorabilia in it that we weren’t interested in but it also had a display of various Venetian masks which were interesting. We took a cab back to the campsite and started to pack up ready to leave in the morning. I found a problem with the awning in that it would not retract into its housing properly. I was unable to adjust it but eventually managed to get it stowed suitable for travel and will have to find a firm to adjust it properly.