Sep 222017
Day 2 at Crevillente.

After breakfast we decided to have a walk up into the town to explore the shops and buy a few bits and pieces. I found a bricolage and bought a new gas regulator hoping that this would fix the problem with connection to the gas bottle. The girls had a look round a couple of the Moroccan shops but didn’t find anything to buy. After coffee we headed back to the campsite stopping at another couple of shops and finally at the supermarket. There was only one checkout open and we bought our few bits for lunch and were waiting for Mike and Sue. An elderly Spanish lady had a trolley full and was in front of them, at the checkout she decided that she wanted some additional items and so not once but twice the till assistant went off to get the additional items for her. Only in Spain would this happen good customer service for her but frustrating for the queue of five people behind her.

After lunch I fitted the new gas regulator and it slotted straight onto the bottle with and the hot water promptly fired up and so at least we had some of that. During the afternoon I took the radio / sat nav out of the dashboard to see if the fuse had blown but it was OK and still would not work. Did a few other little jobs and then settled down and read and chatted. I also emailed Peter & Mary and got a reply back that he had exactly the same issue with his new Hymer and the hot water when he bought it last year and the fault was found to be that the mains plug had not been connected to the boiler unit. I checked and ther was too much disassembly to be done to check the mains connection to our boiler. I will leave that for the dealer to resolve.

After a couple of pre-dinner drinks we all adjourned to the hotel restaurant and had an even better meal than the previous night and tonight as we already had wine left over from yesterday it was only 48€ for the four of us. Definitely a restaurant and campsite to be recommended. We had post dinner drinks in the warm evening outside the motorhomes and the girls suddenly smelt burning. We checked and there was no problem with either van and after discussion with some other visitors it was decided that the smell was blowing in from outside the site. Shortly afterwards we heard the sound of fire engine sirens and the smell soon disappeared. As the temperature dropped we went to bed.