Jun 272018

Eating seeds

Stayed at the campsite today and washed all the dead insects of the front of the motorhome and am now nearly out of insect remover and so will have to buy some more as they seem to like committing suicide on the front of the van. We then spent some time putting the windblockers up for the first time and were pleased with the result although they do make the inside of the van a bit darker.

Next to our pitch is an open field with lots of wild grasses in it and we spent an interesting time watching the sparrows perched on the chain link fence eating the seeds from the grasses. After lunch we went for a walk out of the back gate of the campsite towards the beach and realised that the campo (farmers) road that we were on was the road the Garmin satnav took us down last year. We didn’t make it quite as far as the beach and returned to the site and read books for the remainder of the afternoon followed by the first bbq of the trip. Just as we were eating dinner there was more thunder and some light rain.