Jun 292018

We decided to go to Comillas to the market and to do some shopping. The first number I rang for a taxi did not reply, his loss. I got another number from reception and he answered straight away and came to pick us up and took us right into the centre of Comillas for €7. We had a look around part of the market and stopped for a very expensive coffee at €2 each. We continued around the market and saw some other campsite residents. Ingrid stopped at all the lady’s clothes stalls as she hadn’t brought any warm tops with her, needless to say she bought a couple and a denim jacket and a pair of trousers. We bought some lovely cherries and paraguaya’s from one of the stalls, some home-made biscuits from another and then a great loaf of bread from a home-made bread stall. We then strolled back to the taxi rank and got a taxi back to the campsite. When we got back we found that there was now another Adria motorhome on the site a Dutch Adria Twin, it is nice to see another Adria as there don’t seem to be many about in Northern Spain.

At lunchtime the sun came out for an hour so that was a pleasant change instead of the grey skies but it didn’t last long. After lunch we both read for a while and then decided to pack up as much as we could to make leaving in the morning quicker.

Dinner tonight in the campsite restaurant, whilst we were there the thunder and lightning started followed by the rain and then a hailstorm. It was only light rain when we had finished our meal and so with Ingrid’s folding umbrella we didn’t get too wet going back to the motorhome.