Jul 032018

We decided to go into Sahagun this morning to explore some of the sites and to find a bank and the supermarket. Just as we were about to leave our Irish neighbours wanted to chat about satnav’s, leveling ramps and windblockers, we gave them the information wanted and had a general chat about motorhoming. They then packed up and left and we grabbed our stuff and set off to walk into the town. We walked along the main road and then across the polisportu car park and over a pedestrian bridge across the river. We continued into town and stopped at the first bar we found for coffee.

After coffee we crossed the road and entered the small church which housed the tomb of King Alfonso IV and a separate tomb for his six wives. The church was very luxurious and there was a local guide to give us some information about the church. The archway across the main street as well as a couple of the church towers had storks in their nests on. We explored the town and found the Dia supermarket which was much larger than we expected. We walked back to the main square and looked at the menus at some of the restaurants but settled for a small one on the main street in the end and had an excellent mushroom risotto and drinks for lunch.

After lunch we walked back through the town and crossed the old stone bridge across the river and then back to the campsite. After Ingrid did a bit of hand washing we read and pottered for the rest of the afternoon.