Jul 062018

We stayed at the campsite today just chilling, Ingrid did some washing. We discussed out plans for the last section of this holiday and have decided to stay here until Monday and then head to Salamanca just for two days and then onto Madrid for two days then spend the final night at Kiko Park rural before heading home a day early on Saturday 14th. I made the necessary calls to change our bookings, what is worrying is that the Madrid site didn’t have a record of our booking despite the fact that we have paid a deposit. I will have to sort that out when we arrive. The pitches around us started to fill up during the course of the afternoon with more campers arriving for the weekend. The majority had tents, some of them went up very quickly and others too much longer, they varied in size from large to huge.

For dinner tonight we have decided to try the campsite restaurant. We arrived there just after 7.30 and found it very full, we were the only non-Spanish there. We had drinks, I tried the local cider which was excellent and only €2 for a litre bottle. When the kitchen opened at 8pm we ordered two of their tuna and mushroom pizzas. The first arrived and it was large but not quite enough for two, the chef asked if we wanted the second one, we said yes but in the end we could only manage one and a half before being stuffed. We can highly recommend these if anyone visits this site. We made our way back to the site and turned in early as we were both tired after a day of not doing much.