Jul 082018

We awoke again to another clear blue skied sunrise with a slight breeze. I managed  to get the awning closed properly by opening it part way and then pushing the frame forwards, this allowed it to close properly. We turned the ground sheet over to dry in the sun. After it was dry we folded it up and packed it away, cleaned the pegs and put them away too. I drove across to the grey waste point and emptied the grey water holding tank and then parked the van back around the other way, as a result we did not need the levelling ramps.

For lunch we ate in the campsite restaurant. It was an excellent meal with home made salad and home made chips and was really reasonably priced. After lunch I settled down to watch the exciting Grand Prix from Silverstone and Ingrid sat in the sun reading. At about 6pm the sky darkened and the wind picked up but the forecast rain didn’t arrive. After a light snack for tea we stowed some of the items to make departure in the morning quicker and then settled to watch a film.