Jul 112017

A nice bright day today and so a good day to chill. Mrs Mop did some washing and so I rigged up a washing line. We discussed our sat nav issues with a couple of other people and found that they had similar issues on occasion. Ingrid then spoke to someone else who recommended a different make of sat nav and so we took a look online to check them out and they certainly look better than the Garmin Camper 760. Ingrid then had a brainwave ‘what about increasing the size of our car and caravan in the sat nav settings?’. I gave it a try and input yesterdays route and it showed the route we actually took rather than the one it wanted us to take, so it may be a brilliant idea, we will see when we leave here.

We have several new neighbours as there have been lots of comings and goings.

We have decided on our last two stops on our way back home and have booked those today. Two more ACSI sites so hope they are better than the one in San Sebastian.