Aug 052018

After a hot and sticky night at Zaragoza I got up at 7am and it was already 24 degrees. We had breakfast and stowed everything away and left the campsite at just before 10am. We followed the sat nav route on to the ring road around Zaragoza and then on to the A23 in the direction of Huesca. Some of the A23 road surface was excellent and some of it was terribly rutted. Following Mike’s suggestion we pulled just off the A23 in Huesca to the Carrefour shopping centre and filled up with diesel for €1.18 a litre, much cheaper than Carrefour in Ondara and some of the cheapest fuel we have seen recently, not looking forward to the French prices. We rejoined the A23 and stopped for an expensive cup of coffee a bit further along the motorway. We passed a few fields of sunflowers and lots of fields of corn that were being heavily watered. We hadn’t realised how high we were until we started to drop down fairly steeply towards Jaca. The road was a bit twisty and subject to some extensive road works but as it was Sunday there were no delays.

We were surprised that today the vast majority of the traffic on the road was Spanish registered vehicles. We passed a lot of motorhomes heading south but very few like us heading north. We went through the Somport tunnel and that was also very quiet and then wound down the narrow twisty road in to France. This section of road downhill was over 20 kilometres in length and we were glad that no lorries are allowed on the the French roads on Sunday otherwise it would have been interesting. It was a slow journey with some of the road subject to 30kph speed limit. In France again there were lots of corn fields close to the road. we followed the sat nav into Navarrenx and over the bridge over the river and then it wanted us to do a hairpin turn on to a narrow road which I wasn’t keen on. After a bit of shunting supervised by Ingrid I decided to approach from the opposite direction, as I went further up the road I saw more signs for Camping Beau Rivage straight on through the village, I then remembered the advice on the booking to ignore the sat nav. I went back and picked Ingrid up and we then followed the signs through the village to the campsite arriving just before 2pm. We had to wait for them to reopen after the siesta and were then allocated our pitch which was nicely shaded by large trees. We had a late lunch sitting on the grass on the edge of our pitch. A nice site that we will definitely revisit and spend longer at in the future.