Aug 222018

We finished packing up and left the campsite at about 9.45 and made our way down the narrow approach road, luckily there was nothing coming the other way. We made our way onto the A4 and then on to the M4 heading west and off at junction 10 and then across right through Wokingham town centre and cross country to Yateley arriving there at about 10.30. After coffee and a chat we fitted the child seats and loaded the van up with us and the boys and set off for The Witterings stopping at Tesco at The Meadows for diesel and making use of the 10p off a litre voucher we got for shopping there a couple of days ago, as a result I filled the van to the brim and will top it up before we get on the ferry on Saturday. We left the petrol station just before 12 and followed the sat nav down past Farnborough and then onto Farnham, I was surprised when it led us through the centre of Farnham and on to the A287 across country to Hindhead, the road width was just adequate but the road surface was abysmal and as a result at Hindhead we re-routed on to the A3. By this time both of the boys were sleeping quietly in their seats.

We left the A3 and turned on to the A27 in the direction of Chichester and after passing Chichester we turned off to The Wittering and arrived at Scotts Farm campsite at about 1.30pm. We had a light lunch and set up and waited for Paul and Jen to arrive which they did later in the afternoon. They set up their tent just across from us and we chatted and the boys played with other children on the site. I cooked a BBQ for us all and we then had a quiet remainder of the evening. George and Jen slept with us on the van in the front bed which was the first time it had been used.