Aug 212018

We had a quiet start to the day and did a few a bits and pieces around the van and the campsite. Just after 11am George and Maria arrived. We sat in the sun and had a catch up, I opened the bottle of Prosecco that Maria brought with her but it was a little lively and so I got quite damp and Maria had a light shower over her. We continued chatting and eventually we persuaded the girls that it was time for lunch. We were going to stop at Southern Motorhomes which was just on the A4 near the site, unfortunately when we got to their premises we found that they had moved to Bracknell and so we decided just to go for lunch. We went to The Blue River Cafe, which was recommended by the campsite, located on the Thames by Maidenhead bridge. We decided to sit on the terrace by the Thames and when we eventually got served and our first course arrived we were plagued by wasps and so decided to adjourn inside to eat. We had an average lunch and then returned to the campsite to continue chatting for a short while before George and Maria left us for home. It was really good seeing them again and catching up, it was only after they left that I realised that I hadn’t taken any photos of us all together. We did some packing up in the early evening as we are leaving in the morning.