Aug 142018

We woke up to fine drizzly rain that was soaking everything and even though it was raining the ground staff started cutting the grass, it was a good job we didn’t want a lie in. The rain continued on and off throughout the morning, Dave and family were packing up to head off in the direction of York, we were impressed at the speed and ease of collapsing their Quest gazebo. We said our goodbye’s and they set off just before 12 noon. Mum arrived a little later and we went into Dalston to the Post Office and then came back for a late lunch BBQ. By mid afternoon the rain had stopped and everything was drying nicely and then it started again so we hurriedly put everything in the garage so it didn’t get too wet, given that tomorrows forecast is for heavy rain all day. I will stow it all properly tomorrow between showers.

Mum left at tea time and we tidied up, washed up and settled to the first real evening of TV since we left home.